With Amazon, Google and Microsoft in the mix, can anyone else contend in public cloud?


If you ask Microsoft EVP Scott Guthrie who the players are in public, “massive-scale” cloud, he listsAmazon Web Services, Google and (surprise!) Microsoft. That appears to be the general consensus (though IBM would add IBM to that list, HP would add HP, and so on). The thinking is that massive scale requires super-massive investment and if vendor A hasn’t already poured $4 billion to $5 billion into cloud infrastructure, it’s over.

What I take away from that is when vendor A makes a big deal about putting $1 billion (or $1.2 billion) in cloud infrastructure at this point, it’s too little too late. With [company]Amazon[/company], [company]Google[/company] and [company]Microsoft[/company] sucking the air out of the room, can anyone else compete in public cloud?

The answer is — sort of. For startups with a clean slate, AWS has been the IT infrastructure of choice for a long time, but it’s starting to see competition. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella…

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